Capital Raising

We help our client with premarketing, fund or project documentation and terms, coordinate roadshows, follow-up and due diligence.

Our methodology is designed to individually tailor each contact we initiate. This enables us to elicit and promote the fit between the connected parties to ensure long-term success. Confidentiality is preserved, prospect concerns are preempted, and interest is piqued.

The entire process is geared toward the optimization of our client’s needs and objectives, rather than the typical investment banking approach of trying to close a deal too quickly and then move on to the next assignment. In accord with our values, we aim to create fulfilling and responsible partnerships for the benefits of all stakeholders.

It’s our goal to ensure that you not only get the capital you need, but that you get it from value-added investors who share your passion and can help the business grow. We strive to facilitate these types of partnerships, because we’ve witnessed firsthand the value it can create.

After thoroughly analyzing the client’s financial projections to ensure that they are reasonable in light of the facts and circumstances currently known, we then develop a list of potential investors that we believe might have interest in the offering.

To help keep information about the client confidential, we only distribute the Offering Memorandum to qualified investors who have entered into a confidentiality agreement with the client in advance.

Once investors have had sufficient time to review the Offering Memorandum, we will then request non-binding term sheets. Those investors who submitted favorable term sheets are invited to conduct due diligence.

We will then request final term sheets from the investors and we work with our client to negotiate optimal terms and select the best overall best investor bid. Once the finalist has been selected, we work with our client and their legal counsel to negotiate a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) that optimally meets their goals.