Our Values

The Values of SPRINKLY PARTNERS find their roots in the following text.

"Financial innovation has sacrificed business ethics on the altar of extraordinary profit. The reconfiguration of the international financial system should ensure transparency of incentive business leaders mechanisms. As recently said Joseph Stiglitz, the new framework must be free of any "perverse incentive for poor accounting practices, myopic behavior and excessive risk taking." Business ethics proceeds of transparency, objectivity, reliability, honesty and prudence. It is these values that allow the financial sector to produce an essential asset for doing business and fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities, namely trust.

Trust is the basic ingredient of the markets and the proper functioning of our societies. This is what allows a household to place their savings in a bank, a company to conduct financial transactions to ensure the production, employment and growth. However, this confidence, we lost, or at least placed in the wrong hands. »

(Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD - 2009)

Our Values


The company, its shareholders and directors annually define the way business fruits will be shared between shareholders and employees taking fairly account the involvement and risk incurred by shareholders and employees. The focus will be maintained on fair compensation of the team functioning as a whole and not on the individual and competition between individuals. Shareholders will be fairly compensated, but not at the expense of employees.


The generosity will be expressed in two ways. First, SPRINKLY PARTNERS actively seek to benefit charities for its financial expertise to help them protect their assets and contribute to reach their goals. Then SPRINKLY PARTNERS participate in the defense of the interests of charities mainly related to the Environment and Education.


To realize the full development project SPRINKLY PARTNERS, the Board of Directors will take care to define reasonable development and investment axes taking into account the financial resources available to ensure the sustainability of society and thus to protect its employees and shareholders and all other stakeholders.


The CEO and the whole team of SPRINKLY PARTNERS will have at heart to promote a culture of transparency and honesty to create the climate of trust resulting into the achievement of development targets. The company will publish annually a report on the compliance of its activities with its Ethical Charter and the activity of the charitable foundation.


The set of Values allow the creation and maintenance of a climate of Trust that allows to achieve the objectives of SPRINKLY PARTNERS.


To ensure the interests of minority and maintenance of the line defined in the commencement of SPRINKLY PARTNERS, the company will develop an Ethics Council which will guarantee the maintenance and control of the Charter of SPRINKLY PARTNERS but also the choice and control of charities and causes to be supported by SPRINKLY PARTNERS directly or indirectly.