SPRINKLY PARTNERS secures the financing, strategic partners, and advisory support that our clients need to develop and sustain competitive edges


SPRINKLY PARTNERS has extensive Business, finance and operations experience, alongside legal and technical expertise on industrial projects. Further more, it benefits a broad financial and capital market network providing value-added strategic financial services to our clients.
SPRINKLY PARTNERS has especially strong relationships with family offices and family-owned enterprises with long-term development views.

“ Industrial Asset Management is an opportunity to come back to the very nature of industrial investment by teaming up with industry leaders in various sectors to develop and sustaindurably the value of your investments ”
(Cédric Biart, Managing Director and Founder)

We are changing the way of making things possible.

The firm specializes in securing financing, finding investment partners for small to medium size companies or industrial projects located in Africa, alongside introducing European and Middle Eastern companies on North African markets. SPRINKLY PARTNERS focuses especially on durability or value-driven industrial projects.

Our clients often have market-shifting competitive advantages such as access to our African network and introductions, a quality team backing them up, unique services, or customer value propositions that tip the playing field in their favor. We assist clients in developing their strategy and create synergies with the African market.

Our values

The Values of SPRINKLY PARTNERS find their roots in the following text.

"Financial innovation has sacrificed business ethics on the altar of extraordinary profit. The reconfiguration of the international financial system should ensure transparency of incentive business leaders mechanisms. As recently said Joseph Stiglitz, the new framework must be free of any "perverse incentive for poor accounting practices, myopic behavior and excessive risk taking».

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At SPRINKLY PARTNERS our services focus on :
• Technical and networking assistance to companies on African and Middle Eastern projects.
• Strategic guidance and support for the mobilization of European and Middle Eastern capital from family offices and companies.
• Expertise in durability-driven industrial projects (such as green energy).

Our Core Partners Include :

• Private Equity managers and Investment Banking boutiques
• Family offices
• Family-owned businesses

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