Strategic Advisory

We aren’t just bankers. We are also builders of businesses and industries —informed, practical, and experienced — providing guidance to help you grow your company.
Yes, we can help position and prepare your project for a sale or capital infusion, but we can also locate strategic partners, define your product and marketing strategies on the African market, and negotiate on your behalf.

Our decades of experience allow us to help you with:

  • Strategic partnerships and customers
    We specialize in bringing the right partner to your entrepreneurial or industrial project, with a focus on long-term benefits for both parties instead of short-term gains. We are adept at creating JVs and synergies for unexpected value-creation.
  • Product strategy and market introduction
    We help bridge African and European and Middle Eastern markets together through our local connections and network of specialists, ensuring efficiency.
  • Contract negotiations
    We ensure our clients receive the best terms possible in the contracts done under the umbrella of Sprinkly Partners, bringing them safety of mind.